Mr. and Mrs. Smith

So I heard through the grapevine that this one was supposed to be pretty hot. I’m down with that. Plus, I wanted to see where the supposed Jen-cheating and beautiful couple-making happened. You know, the synthesis of Brangelina.

This is probably obvious, but I have to put in my two cents. It was basically a clusterfuck of sex and guns. Not enough of one and too much of the other. And you can probably guess the ratio.

Both of these people are extremely talented actors, despite the fact that it’s becoming almost impossible to separate them from the characters they play onscreen. Why the hell do they do shit like this? Was this movie’s sole purpose to get these two sexy people together? Did the director have an ulterior motive? Did they both sign on to the project because they knew they’d be costarring with the other? I think that’d make for a sweet E! True Hollywood Story in like 20 years. The drama in the New Hollywood, blah blah blah. If that’s the case, then this film has some substance to it. otherwise, just expect to see hot people and ridiculous guns. And stuff.