Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Howl

Is it so wrong to download music because of “The O.C.”? I mean, think about it. Despite the presence of many deliciously overacted roles (i.e., Marissa Cooper, Kirsten Cohen, Ryan Atwood) there were some strong redeeming qualities to this unrealistic “teen” drama. First of all, Peter Gallagher. I don’t even need to make that into a full sentence. Secondly, Adam Brody. Same deal. And thirdly, the uncanny perfection that was the climax of the episode and its corresponding music. Observe:


So when I heard BRMC’s “Open Invitation juxtaposed over a montage of Marissa Cooper destroying her laptop after trying to piece together the events leading up to her shooting her boyfriend’s brother (just go with it), I literally cried. It was beautiful. It made something so completely unreal and melodramatic into a frustrating high school struggle, the likes of which we’ve all experienced.

It’s magnificent how this show can choose a song. This band is pretty damn great, too, in case I haven’t made that abundantly clear yet. Here’s a live performance of “Shuffle Your Feet,” the album’s brilliant opening track, for a taste. This country rock, blues-scale, low-fi, smoker’s voice music has always been my weakness. If you know what I mean.