Casino Royale

I kinda sort saw this two days after I saw and reviewed Quantum of Solace. And I heard that’s a sin in Bond Land. But whatever. I know the truth. Casino Royale is a great movie. It really is. I admit I wasn’t overly thrilled with Daniel Craig when I saw QoS, because he was a hardened machine, not a man, but then I saw CR and though, “OHHHHHHHH!!! I get it! He’s in mourning!”

Seriously, folks. D. Craig pulled all the stops out for this one! And it was his first Bond film! I give him so much credit. It was a beautiful movie, establishing the true but fleeting human nature of a guy who’s since established himself as a demi-god. The chemistry was there, and it was all the more enjoyable, knowing what he would turn into. (For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, Casino Royale is the first story in the canon chronologically.)

Also, I kind of fell on the bandwagon after seeing him on TDS promoting Defiance. Check it.