Pineapple Express

I didn’t even stay to see the end of this one, that’s how stupid I thought it was. Seriously. I’ve never found fascination with pothead movies (Harold and Kumar, you owe me those two hours of my life I spent watching you cope with bad special effects), and this one is no exception. While James Franco was a tiny beacon of hope, Seth Rogen has created yet another startingly unfunny, unending and anti-climactic two-hour snoozefest.

I really don’t understand why the country has become utterly fascinated with this man. I found “Knocked Up” equally unfunny, mostly because I don’t think Rogen is doing any work. He’s playing himself, and he as a person seems lazy, unapologetic and rude. Why should anyone deserve any credit for being an oaf? Jonah Hill isn’t much better, but at least he peppers his laziness with the occasional biting quip. Other than the people he works with, I have no respect for Rogen (and Apatow’s) body of work. No one’s acting. They’re dicking around and there just happens to be a camera filming them while they’re doing it.