Me Talk Pretty One Day

All this talk about David Sedaris got me thinking: Should I really go back to reading for pleasure? Isn’t school enough work? Shouldn’t I occupy my down-time with television? After all, it’s a different medium entirely and I wouldn’t want to overrun my brain with too many printed words. Thankfully, I irrationalized those rationalizations and read the book, because it was totally worth it.

David Sedaris is a genius. I realize that many people have said something to that effect, that I am slow and behind in realizing it, and that many people will probably disagree with me on it, but it’s true. This man has such an honest, clean (in the cluttered-uncluttered sense) perspective on life, and even if the situtations are completely unrelated to you or anyone you know, you can still relate to them on an emotional, psychological, or even subconscious level. It’s fascinating. It’s not important that he admits to exaggerating the truth. His are works of prose, and it shouldn’t matter which aspects are true, false, or fabricated. He’s not running for political office, and he’s not trying to prove himself to anyone. He’s just writing, and his writing is well worth the read. I laughed out loud numerous times while reading the book, so much so that the girl I was staying with was beyond intrigued to pick it up, and English isn’t even her first language.

I first saw him on The Daily Show and I was hooked. Seriously. If you don’t read this man, you’re missing out.