I don’t have a lot to say about this, mostly because I watched it on a plane with several large people obstructing my view. I’m not insulting anyone’s size, it’s just that from my seated perspective, everyone looked really big, and with that tiny screen, everyone looked really, really big. Plus the headphone jack attached to my aisle seat was less than dependable. I can’t really insult Kevin Spacey, ever, because he is awesome. American Beauty contains one of the greatest dialogue sequences ever. So great, in fact, that I have to post it now.

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Yes. So with that said, I basically have to credit him wherever I go. He plays a scheming teacher in 21, who pushes cutie-patootie Jim Sturgess (okay, his character is Ben Campbell, whatever) into egomania and gambling, but the psychology of it is quite intriguing. Nerds, however you want to define them, are never rewarded for social gains, nor are they encouraged by society to pursue relationships (platonic or romantic) outside their (presumably) academic bubble. This movie takes nerd-dom to the extreme, so extreme that the nerd becomes cool, gets the girl, and then has to struggle with his own personal demons. I still don’t understand card-counting at all, seriously, but I can understand why it happens and why expertise can be such an easy boost to the ego. I think more movies need to be made about college students – and not in that frat boy way. Please.