Ice Age 2

Yeah, not the type of film you’d really expect from me, but I was in a rather lighthearted mood and limited to the DVDs at my friend’s house in Belgium. I’m not really one for animation, either, but this one was refreshing and generationally appropriate. The visuals were cute and funny for kids, beautiful and funny for adults, and the storyline was actually pretty deep. These prehistoric critters were dealing with the end of the world and they managed to put it in pretty logical perspective. Not bad for a PG movie. Also, it was the first and probably only time that I’d ever pin Ray Romano and Queen Latifah working together and having on-screen chemistry (of course, their characters were woolly mammoths).

I applaud this type of movie, with a sort of superficial, fluffy image, and its ability to weave a complex and potentially timely issue into the plot of a widely distributed feature film. Some may say that kids should wait until they’re older to learn about issues like global warming, but I say the sooner the better. Animation like this just proves that it can be done with mercy, too, so as not to instill fear but rather provoke thought and stimulate action. Laughter, as is so often referenced, is the best medicine.