Love, 5.29.08

in case you don’t know me, i’ve been a little obsessed with “love,” the “latest” release from the beatles. it’s new meets old: sir george martin took the extensive catalog and turned it up a notch. he remixed and rewinded (check out the version of “Sun King” – it will sort of blow your mind) and found transitions and similarities that probably no one else could have done. it’s trippy, it’s fantastic, and it must be listened to in its entirety. no exceptions, and no shuffle.

when i heard about the cirque du soleil interpretation going down at the mirage in las vegas, i was pretty intrigued. actually, the whole cirque thing has creeped me out for awhile, what with the superhuman flexibility and contortion (and clown makeup – always scary). but i was willing to put that aside for the fab four.

the show itself was – pardon the pun – a labor of love. i can’t even imagine how much work must have been put into the production. the costumes, the makeup, the choreography, the set design, the engineering, the training – it was all overwhelmingly impressive. but, in the words of my mom, it was a 90-minute “sensory overload.” there were so many acrobats and so many characters in the show that it was literally hard to focus on what was going on, although i think i still would have been confused if they cut the cast down a bit. the show was a very abstract interpretation of the famous canon, and i’m still not entirely sure how i feel about it. part of me is pissed, because i still don’t get it, but part of me is over it because i’m sure most other spectators weren’t exactly in the know, either. i appreciate good art, and i know this is artistic, but it’s just a little beyond my comfort level. the visuals were impressive, although not actually as gymnastic as i expected. standouts were fluid, graceful, and actually anonymous. one woman even performed with a significant bun in the oven, so major kudos are in order for that.

the show also wove several snippets of dialogue between paul, john, george, and ringo, which i thought were extremely charming and fascinating. it’s so wonderful to hear their voices and to hear them interact, even if the experience is fleeting. i wish the show had included more rare audio or video footage.

apparently the surviving beatles and their wives dug the show. i’m sure they had to say that, and i certainly hope they got what the cirque peeps were trying to do. but then again, i don’t really understand the visualizer on itunes, either. go figure.