Colin Meloy, 4.30.08

probably one of the best birthday presents i’ve ever gotten (although it was from myself…to myself). i give colin major kudos for planning this one well. anyway. i got to the show late, but from what i heard of the opener (laura gibson), i didn’t miss much.

all eyes were on colin: witty, cute, intelligent colin. he played a personalized, acoustic set of decemberists-through-the-ages, perhaps an homage to the cancelled The Long and the Short of It tour last winter. the set included “the perfect crime #2,” “shiny,” “the apology song,” part of “the island,” a couple new songs, and my personal prediction, “the mariner’s revenge song.” having seen this one performed live, complete with papier-mache whale, crazy percussion, and general shenanigans that can’t really be described in words:

i was quite impressed that colin was able to carry this one alone. granted, he had some help from the audience, but that was entirely the fun part. gibson came out for a duet, which sadly was not “yankee bayonet,” but i got over it. i just wanted to share the wealth.