A Mighty Heart

along the same lines as my previous review, i’m not a member of the Brangelina Fan Club, either. i do see the fascination of the unnaturally beautiful couple (and, damn, Shiloh is cute). and i do think that they are both extremely talented actors and extremely good people. but i’m not particularly attracted to either one of them. (i say this because apparently it’s perfectly normal for straight women to have huge girl-crushes on Angie, but i am not one of those women.) i was never into the Brad Pitt look either. he’s too pretty. and shiny. plus, despite what all y’all say, i am still a little pissed that he’s not with Jen Aniston. they were one of those couples that were cute because they looked alike. but whatever. that is neither here nor there.

this movie needed to be made. as a student hoping to make it in the field of journalism, the premises of this story scared me, and the fact that it was completely true terrified me. granted, as yet i have little desire to report on war, i still found that it hit very close to home. journalism is a risky career, both physically and mentally. journalists have to be prepared for attacks of the body and the mind, and this constant terror can take a toll on one’s psyche.one of the things i liked about this movie was its careful (not overindulgent) exposition. at all times, i knew what was going on, but it wasn’t like the information was thrown in my face. perhaps part of that was due to the fact that the film centered around solving a mystery, so the acquisition of information was essential to the plot anyway. but still. after i became extremely self-conscious upon watching michael clayton (see eponymous review about a month ago…meh), i now give accolades to films that make me feel sort of smart. i’m not saying that this one did, or whatever, but i felt like it was manageable. and the actor who played daniel pearl, dan futterman, was a pleasant surprise. although he didn’t spend much time on the screen (kind of the point of his role…unfortunately), he was there long enough for me to recognize that he was Barry from Will and Grace!

(obviously to the left, to the left)ย 

anyway. the horrors of pearl’s fate, which were tastefully left to the imagination, are despicable. i only hope that this film promotes the awareness that it intended.