Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds, “Eh Hee”

Unfortunately, the DMB YouTube channel forbids me from embedding this video, so y’all are going to have to settle for the url to this brilliant performance. I don’t care what you Dave haters say, and I know there are a lot of you out there. This man is brilliant, and the acoustic performances with Tim Reynolds are bomb-diggity.

Only dave can make scat sound as sexy and troubled as these lines:

Praise God who has many names
But the Devil have many more
And with the love that the Mother gave me
I’m gone drop the Devil to the floor
I’m gone drop the Devil to his knees
I’m gone drop the Devil to his knees

Sometimes I wish that my people were comin’
I do love myself, they’d find me some cover
The rain in the top, the top leave me covered
It’s something it’s just what you crave, you know what it is!

Walkin’ along in this craze of confusion
Sometimes I can look
But sometimes you doubt all my steps –
It’s the weight that’s above the shoulders
Now come on, I will, come, I will, come, I will
So I do

Seen evolution, my people have come to believe
That we are the traitors, the cheaters
We pray that we’re just a collection of cells
We parade with ourselves
And we’re proud of avoiding the truth

It kills me every time how I end up liking songs with religious undertones. I admit I went through a Creed phase in about 5th grade, but I honestly didn’t pick up on the JC endorsement; I actually really dug Stapp’s vocals and the raw mainstream major chords. They actually had some crazy syncopation shit going on in the song “Wrong Way” off of Human Clay. But anyway, I think that Dave’s sultry, obscure take on spiritual ambivalence is really appealing. Maybe I identify with it, because I don’t even understand all of what he’s saying. Whatever.

People should know by now that the way into my musically cynical heart is through 3/4 time and/or syncopation and/or noticeable bass and/or a male lead vocal and/or not being country honky tonk shit. I feel like that encompasses a lot, actually. Supposedly I’m “picky,” whatever that means, but I reject that label and instead replace it with “has good taste.” I don’t know, you be the judge.


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  1. thecodewhisperer · February 2, 2008

    I am a pretty big DMB fan, so saying I love that song isn’t too much a stretch for me…however, I do believe that is some of his finest lyrics in quite awhile.

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