Heath Ledger

talk of heath ledger’s death has been exhausted by the media. they’ve taken a tragic, unfortunate event and turned it into a conspiracy, a hypothesis, an overdose, but it’s irrelevant how it happened anymore. at the end of the day, it was just plain sad.

two scenes in particular stand out to me: in 10 things i hate about you, when he stabs the frog in the lab and examines its guts with a curious yet cynical stare; and in brokeback mountain, when after several months, jack twist comes back to visit ennis del mar and ennis pulls him underneath the stairs of his house and kisses him against the brick wall. heath ledger was capable of anything, and i think that’s what he wanted us to remember. not in an arrogant way, but rather in a way that supercedes his heartthrob beginnings.

this is the most fitting tribute i’ve seen.

and this is an equally fitting memory:

requiescat in pace.