what is it about ellen page’s character in this movie that makes me swoon (completely platonically, of course)?

is it the fact that she says the phrase “pork sword” with complete and utter flippancy?
is it the fact that she gets to hang out with jason bateman?
is it the fact that she gets to kiss michael cera (sense a theme, mitch hurwitz? do me a favor and see if you can work on that…)
is it the fact that she can carry a tune with the likes of jennifer garner (who was neurotically impressive, by the way, and allison janney?

i don’t really even know. it was probably a combination of all those things, but dominated by the fact that the character and the person are both complete badasses. page’s performance of the brilliant script was pure gold, through and through, and i know of no other actress who could have pulled it off as she did. and as big a fan i am of michael cera, she simply exudes much more charisma for someone so unassuming and new to the industry. check out her appearance on dave:

this movie basically speaks for itself; i saw it twice over a period of a week, and laughed both times, and found new things to laugh at. and while i doubt that many teenagers have the maturity and pop culture referencing ability of juno mcguff, the delivery, emotion, and strange reality of the film is approachable for every age.

just see the film.