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so, dear readers, i apologize for the fact that all these film posts hinder me greatly from posting cool videos (i mean, i would if i could, but that would be…frowned upon). i prefer writing about music, because it’s more interactive to me and to the capabilities of web 2.0 (who knows, web 3.0 might allow for full-length films on youtube! and then hollywood will strike for all eternity!). but anyway, i have seen a lot of films over my break from school, and i feel the need to write about them, if only to encourage or to deter you from watching them. it could be a matinee price well spent or a free rental saved. also, i use the term “dear readers” very optimistically, because i have no idea how many people actually read this. i’d appreciate comments if you have them.

i view don cheadle as the next tom hanks: right now, he’s in that b-list position where he can transform himself physically for any role and completely transform into that character. he did it in hotel rwanda, ocean’s 11-13, and many others, and for the most part we can forget that he’s a superstar and focus on the brilliant personality fabrication on the screen. eventually, though, i think that he will reach that threshold, which i define by tom hanks, whereby even though he’s such a good actor, his public persona is greater than his characterization and therefore we see him as don cheadle the man, not an anonymous actor in character. tom hanks had the magnificent chamelionic (yes, i made that up) ability to become people. he was josh in big, andrew beckett in philadelphia, forrest gump, jim lovell in apollo 13, woody in toy story, chuck noland in cast away, and most recently charlie wilson (although i think we are all aware that his list of accolades is infinite). and yes, i realize that the first set of links makes me an imdb whore, but aren’t we all?

back to hanks. and i swear this will connect to cheadle. in each of those aforementioned roles, i personally abandoned the notion that i was viewing tom hanks, especially in the case of philadelphia, and became completely enveloped by the on-screen portrayal. his last one, charlie wilson’s war, was kinda convincing, too. the reason i questioned the acting was actually in part to the flashy grin of his co-star in the film, the more-than-obvious julia roberts.

in talk to me, cheadle doesn’t play petey greene. he is petey greene. i didn’t even really know who petey greene was until i saw this film, but his story was pretty damn inspiring. i don’t mean this in the wrong way, but i never saw don cheadle as a brother (in the hyphy sense of the word). now i know that he can really roll with it. he could be a great dj, too, as he played one so accurately. and chiwetel ejiofor, playing his manager dewey hughes, developed the egomania of his character brilliantly.

and the soundtrack rocked. but i’m kinda biased, i grew up listening to motown and all that. so as long as it isn’t fall out boy, i’m down.


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  1. Liana B · January 16, 2008

    hey pooks-
    i read your blog, and you’re an amazing writer and i enjoy reading your art immensely. even if i don’t agree about the waitress.
    ps. is “pooks” too informal for this blog? you can delete it if so, just keep it in your heart. . . jaja.

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