Knocked Up

i believe that three factors contribute to the following mediocre review of this film:
  1. i watched it with my dad
  2. i saw juno first
  3. i waited until it came out on dvd
however, i took the following into consideration:
  1. i hated anchorman when i first saw it, and i watched that with my parents, too. on dvd. and now i love it.
  2. i hated wedding crashers when i first saw it, and i watched that with my friend shane in the theaters. and now i love it.
  3. i hated little miss sunshine when i first saw it, and i watched that by myself on my laptop. i still don’t really like it that much.
  4. i fucking love michael cera.
  5. the viewing experience for anchorman was completely different than that for knocked up. our tv back then was klunky and we fought for the best couch lounging position. now my parents have an hd widescreen and a couch that accommodates everyone royally. actually, this may have nothing to do with it.

anyway, with all that in mind, i still didn’t see what the big fat deal was about this movie. i was semi-impressed with katherine heigl. she’s pretty, she’ll last in this chick/dick-flick genre for another year or two before she works with heath ledger, and then the shit will hit the fan. don’t all of his co-stars fall in love with him or something? maybe that’s a little harsh; i certainly have every faith in heigl’s recent marriage and heath’s acting (as well as the talents of his past, present, and future co-stars). she’s a fad. all these actresses are fads. in fact, i have a hard time distinguishing them from each other. to me, jessica alba doesn’t even exist. she is kirsten dunst, jessica biel, katie holmes sorry, i forgot she doesn’t do that shit anymore, mandy moore wait, i kind of like her, jessica simpson, britney…tweedledee, tweedledum, clones clones clones. katherine heigl is all right. best of luck to her. seth rogan is the reason why men are pigs. unfortunately, he’s pretty funny, and he seems like a lovable guy, but my dad had a good point: what, exactly, is his redeeming quality? i never caught on to it. i mean, he was nice and all, but nice doesn’t cut it in fatherhood. he showed no signs of emotional improvement, and i don’t even mean to sound like one of those really demanding bitches who wants to talk about feelings. i’m just saying that i think he bought that apartment at the end of the film because he was guilt-tripped into it. he was pussy- and baby-whipped into a domestic frenzy. that’s not love, that’s reality. heigl and rogan really didn’t have romantic chemistry. it was more of a sibling thing. and the one liners kept me from getting too pissed off, especially when coming from jonah hill. but overall, i have to decline my use of stellar and instead go with meh