you know, i never saw felicity, but i kind of want to now. keri russell is just so cute. and cheryl hines is, too. fox searchlight keeps turning out the hits, which used to surprise me, because of a prominent conservative man named rupert murdoch. but then i learned he actually is friends with the clintons, so that puts a wrench in the GOP monkey.

anyhow. the third girl, played by writer adrienne shelley, was also pretty cute. i was informed (conveniently AFTER viewing the film so as not to taint my experience) that she was actually murdered immediately following the film’s completion, which is a huge downer.point being, this is a story about people who are cute on the outside and rather torn on the inside, but it’s refreshing to see that human complex portrayed in a simple way. that makes more sense to me than it might to you, but the characters themselves lead very simple lives, filled with little more than work and sleep in their forgettably podunk town. i did have a little bone to pick with shelley’s character, dawn, and her relationship with ogie (eddie jemison). essentially, he grew on her after months of stalking. and that just ain’t right. i know that people need to give each other a chance and all that horse shit, but his approach to courtship was downright creepy. i suppose i should consider that both characters wallowed in a pit of loneliness that i can only hope was fictional (and not based on experience) but still. the town was small, but not that small.

dr. pomatter (nathan pillion) is pretty sexy, if i do say so myself, although the extent of his quirky behavior (i.e., nervous fidgeting, impulsiveness, etc) is not fully explored. i actually think the film might benefit from deepening his character, to the point that his relationship with jenna (keri russell) would be seen as a remedy for his unconventional habits. but again, i digress.the introductory sequence puts maurice binder to shame, in a culinary sense. and it also makes the process of pie-making remarkably inviting and accessible, especially considering that i’ve heard it’s a bitch to make a pie. i’ve never done it yet, though, so i guess i can’t voice my concerns yet.

one more thing. i love this movie, and i love the aesthetics of it, and the design of everything associated with it, but what the hell is up with all these intensely animated movie websites? check out the link above for this film and you’ll see what i mean. it’s a pain in the ass to navigate these sites, because they contain huge image files. even the images that appear while the files load are over-the-top. well, whatever.