i used to define “urst” as ” the relationship between jim halpert and pam beesley. now i can safely say that other stories of fiction feed the urst fire.urst, the likes of which i credit to my friend norm the intern, is an acronym for UnResolved Sexual Tension. clearly pb&j have, for lack of a less cliche phrase, made their sandwich. but guy and girl, the anonymous and ambiguous characters in once are of a different breed. they relate and plateau on an unromantic level, even though their union seems inevitable. and it’s better that way. musicmaking sometimes fabricates romantic feelings between people (hey, justin and britney were together for awhile, but look what all that bubblegum pop did to their relationship.) it can also create a connection only described in song lyrics. once is an exploration of the former. and the music is amazing. i want the soundtrack.i learned, rather conveniently in the special features, that the lead actors in this film, glen hansard and markéta irglová, were not actually actors. this film took their screen virginity, so to speak, and i can safely say that it was the right time for both of them. i never felt like i was watching a movie. i felt like i was apart of their band, like the outcast drummer or something. i can only hope that this connection portrayed on the 4:3 is representative of a fraction of the creative process in today’s music industry. if i may take off my film critic’s beret for a moment and put on my loudmouthed music elitist skinny jeans, music should be created like this. guy’s character writes about heartache in a real way. that is not to say that composers and lyricists do not, but i have a hard time believing that every song on the charts is written with real pain in mind. similarly, i can’t believe that all duets are a match made in heaven. collaborations are hard to perfect, and the randomness with which guy and girl were paired is almost as unpredictable as hillary clinton’s next emotional outburst. point being: i want the soundtrack. and i want to make music like that.